Accessing Aropa
  1. Select the Aropa link from your OnQ course (usually located on the Timeline)

  2. Read the instructions displayed in the slides
  3. When the External Resource page opens, choose Open in a New Window


    If you are unable to login using your NetID and password you created, please email and indicate which course activity you are unable to access.

Submitting Work
  1. Once Logged in, Select the assignment from Aropa course page. In most cases, it will be the only clickable link on the page.
  2. On the Assignment page, choose the Click here to submit documents for this assignment button.

  3. On the Submission page, click the Choose File button and locate the file on your computer and click Save.

    Please note that 15 mb is the maximum file size that can be submitted. For most assignments, the only allowed file types are PDF and Word format.

    If text will be submitted instead of an entire file, copy the text from your Word document and paste it into the provided text field. Take a moment to verify your submission to ensure formatting has been preserved.

  4. On the Assignment page, the title or word count of your submitted work will be listed under Submit Documents. This confirms your work has been submitted correctly. You will not receive a confirmation email.

While the submission phase is open, you can always return to Aropa and update your work by accessing the assignment and choosing Click here to check or change your submitted documents.

If this is a group activity, one of your group members might have already submitted work on the group's behalf. If this is the case, check with your group before revising the submission. 

Reviewing your Allocations
  1. Once the Submission Phase has closed, follow the steps outlined in the Accessing Aropa section to log back in to the activity.
  2. In the activity, begin reviewing by choosing View submission next to the allocated review. You will not be able to write a review until the work has been downloaded and viewed.
  3. Once the work has been viewed, select Back and choose Write your review.
  4. Fill in the assigned criteria when writing your review and choose Save and Finished
  5. On the assignment page, the completed review will now be listed under Completed. Repeat steps 1-4 if any additional allocations were assigned to you.
Viewing Feedback

Once the review phase has ended, feedback can be viewed from the Aropa Assignment

  1. In Aropa, select your assignment and choose Click here for feedback on your submission for Peer Review Assignment
  2. Expand the Reviewer buttons to reveal reviews about your work.

If your reviews are being graded by the Teaching Team, an additional Reviewer Marking assignment will be available in Aropa after the review phase closes. Similar to the Peer Review assignment, feedback will be available after the Review Marking phase has ended.

Contact ASO MM

 If you experience any issues or have questions about using Aropa, please email



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