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  • Always make your source document accessible first, rather then going back and making the PDF accessible later (this is a massive time saver)
  • Do not use images or screen shots to convey information with text. Instead input the text yourself. If necessary (and you are unable to find an alternate image) make sure that text that is in the image (or figure), is also written below the image (or figure) so a screen reader can explain the content.
  • Make a habit of always using an Alt-tag, even on decorative images. 
  • Do not rely on colour as a navigational tool or as a way to differentiate content.
  • Functionality should be accessible through the use of either/or or both the keyboard and the mouse. 
  • Make correct use of semantic/tagged headings and content.
  • Give links descriptive names instead of using "click here".
  • Make dynamic content accessible. 
  • Test your content using a screen reader before publishing. 

Please click on a poster to view some best practices for common accessibility accommodations.

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