Before Grading

Before grading, please check to ensure you can login and access the ASO instance of WebWork. The address for the S20 instance isĀ . If you are unable to login, please email .

Grading and Assignment

Before grading, please check with the teaching team to confirm how grading will be divided up. Grades will not save properly if two TAs are simultaneously grading the same problem. For this reason it is recommended that specific problems or entire assignments be assigned to one TA.

  1. Once the assignment deadline has been reached, login to Webwork with your Employee NetID.
  2. On the course page select the assignment you will be grading.
  3. Within the assignment, choose Grade Problem to the right of the associated problem you wish to grade.
  4. The grade page will display all of the student responses for a particular problem. For each student select a grade from the drop down and write feedback (if necessary).

  5. When grading is complete, click the save button at the bottom of the page.

    To prevent any lost data, it's recommend that the grades be saved every 15 minutes. The save button is at the bottom of the page.

    Students should have access to view the grades and feedback in Webwork after they have been entered by the teaching team. Once an assignment has been graded, please contact and the grades will be uploaded to onQ. Alternatively, all of the grades can be uploaded at once near the end of the course.

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