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On October 1, 2021 ASO course files will be moving from FileCloud to SharePoint. The migration will start at noon on October 1 and end the morning of October 4.

Migration Timeline

Below is a quick timeline breakdown of what will be happening as files are moved to SharePoint

Before October 1

  • Business as usual
  • Personal Files stored in "My Files" needs to be backed up. Those with personal files have already been contacted. 

October 1 at 12:00 PM - October 4 at 8:00 AM

  • Files in FileCloud become read-only
  • Any files that need to be accessed/edited over the weekend need to be downloaded and edited locally on your computer
  • Avoid editing from FileCloud Drive as the file will never end up being updated

After October 4 at 8:00 AM

  • Files available via the SharePoint site. Please upload any updated documents to the appropriate folder
  • Documents can be edited online or synced via OneDrive for Business (see steps below)
  • FileCloud will still be available and remain in read-only mode
Post Migration Steps
 For Everyone
  • Uninstall FileCloud Drive or FileCloud Sync (please contact Julian or Jason C. for Admin rights)
  • Update your bookmarks to point to the new SharePoint site. FileCloud links can be deleted
  • Consider adding the SharePoint site to your OneDrive sync client (please see steps below)
  • Enjoy?
 For IDs
  • If you were using FileCloud, please add appropriate instructors back to the course folders you have been working on. This would involve selecting the top level course folder, choosing Share, typing in the name of the Instructor to share with, setting appropriate permissions and choosing Send
  • If you were already using SharePoint, please consider moving your course files into the ASO SharePoint folder. This can be done immediately or whenever course development has completed. If you choose to wait, please ensure GROUP-ASO-Staff has access to your course folder.
 For LMS, MM, Management
  • Please re-share folders with anyone you have been working with outside of course development teams
Sync With OneDrive

If you have been using a Queen's PC and you login with your Queen's NetID and password, your personal OneDrive folder will already be synced on your computer. If this is the case, please skip to step 2.
Step 1 (if you are not currently using OneDrive or are using a non-Queen's PC)

  • Press the Windows Key and search OneDrive. Select the oneDrive app.
  • Follow the steps to sign in to OneDrive. Please ensure you are using your Queen's NetID and password to sign in
  • If successful you should see the small blue OneDrive in your taskbar

If you are using a personal computer you might notice a second OneDrive icon. This is because OneDrive is now syncing your files associated with your personal Microsoft account and the files associated with your Queen's account.

Step 2

  • On the ASO SharePoint site <Link to follow> right click on the Courses folder and choose Add shortcut to OneDrive
  • The folder will now be available with your OneDrive files.
 On a Mac

Step 1

  • Download the OneDrive App from the Apple App Store
  • Follow the steps to set up OneDrive. Please ensure you are signing in with your Queen's NetID and password

Step 2

  • On the ASO SharePoint site <Link to follow> right click on the Courses folder and choose Add shortcut to OneDrive
  • The folder will now be available with your OneDrive files.
 After the migration where do I access the course files?

The link is available here <link> . A link shortcut will be place din the General channel of the ASO Team. The link will also be sent out via the ListServ.

 Why are we moving to SharePoint?

The Faculty of Engineering has made the decision to discontinue the FileCloud service by the end of 2021. Although there are several options available, SharePoint is something already available and approved by Queen's.

 Should I be excited about SharePoint?

Yes! SharePoint has numerous features that are far superior to FileCloud such as:

  • Working browser apps; collaboratively edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files within supported browsers
  • Unlimited detailed versioning; track what changes made by who back to the very beginning of your document
  • Syncing that actually works - if local files are your preference
  • Additional integrations possible (e.g. Forms, Automate, Planner, Teams)
  • Mobile apps available!
 What do I do if I am working with a non-Queen's collaborator?
  • In the ASO Course folder, right click and choose Share and choose New and Existing Users from the drop-down and enter the external collaborator's email address
  • If the external collaborator has a Microsoft account (most PC users will have one) they will be able to share and collaborate much like Queen's users can.
  • If the external collaborator doesn't have a Microsoft account they will need to authenticate via an authentication code each time they access a folder
 The last time we did this I needed to constantly sync the OneDrive app and I ran out of space. Will this happen again?

No. OneDrive now has a smart sync feature that will only download the files you work on. You can see what's in the cloud from the status column when you are browsing files.

 How do I share Links in SharePoint?

The best way to share links within ASO staff (e.g. attaching is a basecamp Item) is to copy the link in the URL of the folder or file you wish to share. If you need to share a file with someone outside of ASO but within the University, they will need to be added via the share option.

If you need to share multiple files with someone at Queen's (but outside of ASO), consider placing the files in a folder and sharing the entire folder with them. This will save some time and multiple sharing emails.

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