GRASP is a Peer Evaluation platform  developed by the Queen's School of Business. Students have the ability to write feedback based on defined criteria about the performance of their group members. Feedback can only be viewed by the teaching team.

Filling out a Survey
  1. Access the activity from your course. Pop-ups might need to be enabled as the activity will open in a new tab
  2. Review the instructions and click Start Review
  3. Fill out the survey rating each of your group members accordingly. Choose Next to move on to the next criteria
  4. Once the survey has been completed, choose Submit to Drop Box. This will send a submission receipt to OnQ to confirm that you completed the survey.

    Please note that the survey needs to be submitted to OnQ in order to be considered complete. Incomplete or unsaved surveys will receive a participation grade of zero. The activity is designed to collect feedback for the teaching team only. You will not be able to see feedback.

    If have experience issues accessing the survey, please email and include a screenshot of the issue.

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