Using Zoom for the first time

The steps below should be followed if this is the first time ever using Zoom. Once completed these steps do not need to be completed again until the following term.

This can either be done by visiting or by joining a meeting. Once the Zoom launcher has been installed, follow the prompts for installing the software.

Screenshot of the Zoom Installer

Once installed, join the Zoom Practice Meeting. This will allow you to test out Zoom and ensure your internet connection, webcam (if needed) and headset (if needed) are working correctly.

Most Zoom profiles are set to Eastern Standard Time (EST) by default, however, sometimes your default timezone will be something different. It's good practice to check your timezone and make the appropriate changes if it's something different than EST.

If your profile is not set to the correct timezone you could potentially miss meetings.

  1. Navigate to any one of your courses using Zoom. The Zoom Meetings page can be found from the Activities nav bar drop-down
  2. In the Zoom Meetings tab, your timezone will be listed under the Zoom logo in the upper-left.
  3. If needed, the timezone can be edited bu clicking on the edit icon to the right of the timezone.

Screenshot of the Zoom page with a red box highlighted around the edit timezone icon

Join a Meeting
  1. On your course's Zoom page click on Access Zoom Meetings near the bottom of the page, choose Open in a new window (if prompted), and choose Join to the right of the meeting you wish to attend.
    Screenshot of a Zoom meeting list with a red box drawn around the Join button

    For some courses, Zoom meetings will be listed directly on the Zoom page. If this is the case, select the link of the associated meeting you wish to join.

  2. If the meeting hasn't started you will be asked to wait until the Host has started the meeting. This will be a good opportunity to test your computer audio.  Screenshot of the waiting for host pop up that will appear if a meeting hasn't started. A red box is drawn around the test your computer audio button
  3. Once the meeting has started, you will be prompted to enter your name as it appears in OnQ and choose Join. Zoom will remember your name for future meetings.

    Screenshot of the name window when joining a Zoom meeting
  4. On the next prompt, choose Join Audio Conference by Computer
    Screenshot of a Zoom prompt on how to join a meeting. A red box is drawn around join audio conference by computer

    Need Help with Zoom? Please contact the ITServices Support Centre (8am to 9pm Monday-Friday).

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