Click on the link below to be shown instructions on how to create a narrated PowerPoint.

Record a Slideshow in PowerPoint

When creating your narrated PowerPoint please keep the following best practices in mind:

Creating your PowerPoint

  • Be consistent with the fonts used in the document. Use a sans serif font – such as Calibri, Arial, Helvetica or Verdana that are large enough for both projectors and online viewing
  • Minimum sizing for fonts: 24pt for content and 40 pt for titles
  • Avoid using text shadow or glow effects for any text as they may not be accessible by screen readers
  • Evenly distribute content on slides.
  • Use appropriate colour contrast (e.g. black and white)
  • If you choose to use slide transitions be sure to use the same transition throughout your presentation for all slides.
  • If you choose to use animations on your slide ensure they are brief and do not distraction from the content you are presenting
  • When possible, the ratio aspect (size) of the slide(s) should be set to 16:9.

Recording your PowerPoint

  • Use a transcript. This will help keep your talking points organized as you advance through each slide. You can place your script in the "notes" section of each slide in PowerPoint for easy viewing when recording your PowerPoint.
  • Speak slowly and enunciate.
  • When narrating, leave about 1-2 second of silence at the beginning and ending for each slide.
  • Try to keep Slide segments under 10 minutes.
  • Use a headset that has a microphone to record your narrations. This will help to minimize the amount of background noise that is normally picked up by your laptops internal microphone
  • Record your presentations in a quiet room with minimal noise.
  • When possible, the ratio aspect (size) of the slide(s) should be set to 16:9.
  • Save Presentations in .PPTX format. This will embed narrations and allow them to be uploaded to CDS.


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