Microsoft Sway is a design platform that allows beautiful content to be created quickly and easily, either from scratch or from one of the existing templates. Sway is free for Queen's Staff, Faculty and Students. 

Getting Started
  1. Login to (hold CTRL while clicking to open in a new tab) using your Queen's sign in credentials
  2. Select Sway from the App Launcher in the upper-left
  3. Choose New Blank Sway or choose an existing template and begin creating.
  4. Once your Sway is ready, choose Play to publish

If you wish to share your Sway, choose Share in the upper-right, choose sharing options, and copy the link.

Export a Sway

In some cases it might be necessary to create a local backup of your Sway. The steps below describe how this can be accomplished

  1. Login to using your Queen's sign in credentials and visit your Sway
  2. Select the more icon (...) in the upper-right of the screen and choose Export from the menu
  3. The format you would like to export in (either Word or PDF)


Sway is supported by Microsoft. Please visit the Sway Help and Support page if you are experiencing issues or have any questions about using Sway. 

Sway in more Detail

If you are interested in learning more about Sway, please view the video below.

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