The PHYS 118 Interactive Lectures contain mastery-based questions within each segment. Be sure to complete these questions as they are recorded in onQ and count towards part of your grade. Please see the course Syllabus for more information on the weighting of assessments

In order for the mastery questions to be properly recorded, the module segments needs to be accessed on a Mac or PC (laptop or desktop computer). Accessing the segments on any other device might result in your grade not being recorded.

Best Practices

To ensure the best experience viewing the Interactive Lessons, the following best practices are recommended:

  • Use a laptop or desktop computer (Mac or PC) on a stable internet connection
  • Chrome is the preferred browser. Like onQ, Safari is not recommended
  • When viewing the Lesson for the first time, it is best to view it from beginning to end in one session (whenever possible).

    Mastery questions can only be answered when moving through the lesson for the first time. The solution slides can be reviewed once the mastery question has been answered.

  • If you have been away from a lesson for a long time, refresh the page before continuing. If prompted, log back in to onQ.
  • Slide by slide transcripts are available in onQ and in the Lessons slides themselves. If you miss or don't understand a word in the narration, please view the transcript.

Known Issues

Audio on the first slide of a lesson can't be heard

  • Click anywhere on the slide.
  • Move to the next slide and then move back
  • Pull the seek bar back to the beginning

Google Chrome doesn't experience this issue. For this reason, Google Chrome is recommended. 

If you do experience an issue with an interactive lesson, please post the issue in the Course Questions Discussion. If possible, include a screenshot of the issue.

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