If enabled, interactive transcripts can be accessed for all videos that contain closed captions.

In a Course

When viewing a video directly in your onQ course, the Transcript tab will be available at the top of the video (1). 

In some cases the Transcript tab will not be available. In this case, the video can be loaded in a new window by selecting the icon on the upper-right (2) which will open the individual video in a new tab. If an icon isn't available, click on the link below the video itself.

In an Individual Video

If your video has opened in a new tab, the transcript can be accessed by selecting the magnifying glass on the right of the video.

Download the Transcript

When the interactive transcript is selected in the video window, a plain text file can be downloaded by choosing the download button in the toolbar above the text.

If you do not have the interactive transcript available, please post in the Course Discussions. These discussions are monitored by Arts and Science Online.

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