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Reordering pages drag-n-drop broken in Internet Explorer (IE)
In IE10 and IE11, when attempting to reorder pages by dragging it to a new position in the tree/page hierarchy, the page will move but will not be integrated into the hierarchy.  Our vendor is aware of the issue.  Workarounds include using a browser other than IE to move pages, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari or to use the Move command (on the page to be moved select Tools then Move).

'viewpdf' macro is currently disabled
When enabled the View PDF (viewpdf) macro allows you to embed a PDF document into a Wiki page. The content of the PDF will then display on the page. 
Since, the "viewpdf" macro has been disabled due to an issue with the office connector throwing an exception when the "viewpdf" macro is used on a page, the following notice will display on any pages using the "viewpdf" macro.

We are working on a resolution for this issue.  In the meantime, this issue can be avoided by linking directly to PDF attachments and/or saving PDFs as image files and then embedding those image(s) in the page. 

Error of "No matches found" when attempting to add someone to your wiki space, when you have their NetID

Have the person log in to the wiki first, which will create their account. This is different from the previous version of the wiki, and a solution is currently being looked into.

Unable to Export to PDF

A system error occurs, when attempting to use the "Export to PDF".  This error may occur when the title of the exported page contains any of the following characters  / ? < > \ : * | ”
To resolve, please edit the page to remove any special characters / ? < > \ : * | ”  and attempt to "Export to PDF" again.

Large images are truncated in Export to PDF
Large images are not scaled properly and truncated when using the Export to PDF function (Tools > Export to PDF). 

Save button hover-over box obstructs button

In spaces using the Documentation theme, when hovering over the save button, the box "Save your page (Type 'Ctrl+S') partially blocks the save button.  This issue can be avoided by setting the space theme to "Global Look and Feel" (Space Admin > Look and Feel - Themes > "Global Look and Feel")

Some LDAP groups are missing

The new version of the wiki doesn't create LDAP groups until at least one member of the group has logged in to the wiki.  If you need to assign permissions to an LDAP group that is not appearing, please have a member of the group log in to the wiki.  We are working on a resolution for this issue.

Viewing Queen's Wiki on a mobile device

 When viewing using a mobile device, the desktop interface will display. 
Confluence mobile interface for mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad or Android devices, is not currently available for the Queen's Wiki.

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