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On Thursday, January 16, 2020, the Queen's Wiki was upgraded from version 6.6.16 to 6.13.10. Browse the notes below to find out more about the new features and changes in this version.

Highlights of upgrade from Confluence 6.6.16 to 6.13.10 from Confluence Release Notes

Release 6.7

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Mentioning people just got easier (and faster)

One of the best ways to keep communication flowing is to mention people in pages and comments, but mentioning the right person can be laborious in a large organization.

Good news, user mentions just got smarter and faster! Type @ and Confluence will suggest the people you've mentioned previously first. Keep trying and we'll continue to suggest matching people. Previously, they suggested the people in your nextwork first, but the reality is that the people you want to mention will change based on what you're working on at the time. This is why they've chosen to prioritize the people you mention regularly over a static set of people that you follow.

Confluence gets a fresh, new look

Confluence is bringing a refreshed based on the new Atlassian design and includes things like updated colors, typography, and icons.

screenshot of the wiki dashbard interface

Screenshot of the create pop-up interface

Screenshot of the edit page interface

Release 6.8

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The Confluence Server mobile app is here!

Create, edit and stay connected to your team

Create a page when you're on site with a customer, or fix that typo on an existing page before anyone noticies. keep the conversation going with likes and comments, or save the page for later, when you're back at your computer

screenshot of mobile app interface

Be notified, your way:

Push notifications mean you're jus tone tap away from your team, when it really matters. Set the notification level that's right for you, then sit back, confident that the most important notifications will find their way to you, wherever you are.

On holidays? No problem. Temporarily turn off push while you're hitting the slopes, then flick it back on once you're back on deck.

Want a quick overview? The notifications tab pulls your most important notifications, like mentions, shares, and tasks assigned to you, into one place. Swipe to clear notifications as you action them.

Screenshot of app notification screen

Get back to your work, fast

There's a multitude of ways to get back to your work, or find the page you need. you can search, browse by space, or head straight to your recent or saved pages.

Request access is now 5 times better

Confluence has improved the way request access works under the hood. Instead of asking just one person to grant access, we now email up to 5 people at once.

Confluence chooses people to contact in the following order:

  1. People who have contributed to the page, can still see the page, and have 'Restrict' or 'Admin' space permission (sorted by last edit date)
  2. Space administrators who can see the page (sorted alphabetically)

As we prioritize the people who most recently interacted with the page, requests for access should be actioned faster.

Release 6.9

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More control over your editing experience

A new ellipsis (...) menu gives you the option to:

  • Preview the page
  • View all changes since the page was last published
  • Revert back to the last published version
  • Delete the page, if it has never been published.

When you click the Close button, we'll no longer ask you whether you want to keep or discard changes, as this was confusing for many people. Now, the changes are always kept.

You can always go to ... > Revert to last published version if you want to discard changes.

screenshot of ellipsis menu expanded

Release 6.10

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The improvements introduced in Confluence version 6.10 were mostly behind-the-scenes. If you're interested in finding out more, visit the Confluence 6.10 Release Notes.

Release 6.11

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A better way to edit files

Confluence already lets you upload a wide range of files to share and discuss with your team. We’ve now made it easier to make changes to your files without the hassle of downloading and uploading multiple times.

You can now edit any file attached to a Confluence page using a desktop application, then save the file back to Confluence in a few clicks. And it’s not just available for Microsoft Office documents; it works for Photoshop files, Keynote presentations — any attached file with a compatible application installed on your computer.

This feature replaces the Edit in Office function, which had some tricky limitations. It was restricted to Microsoft Office documents and only worked if you had the right browser, operating system and app combo running.

Read more in our guide to editing files

Screenshot of the 'Edit with Excel' button

Screenshot of Editing with Excel popup

Release 6.12

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The improvements introduced in Confluence version 6.12 were mostly behind-the-scenes. If you're interested in finding out more, visit the Confluence 6.12 Release Notes

Release 6.13

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The improvements introduced in Confluence version 6.13 were mostly behind-the-scenes. If you're interested in finding out more, visit the Confluence 6.13 Release Notes

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