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On Tuesday, January 22, 2019, the Queen's Wiki was upgraded from version 5.8.18 to 6.6.10. Browse the notes below to find out more about the new features and changes in this version.

What's Going Away?

Manage Users/Groups

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Space owners will no longer be able to create and manage their own groups within the Wiki. Permissions for existing groups can continue to be managed under "Space Tools" > "Permissions" > "Groups".

If you would like to continue using groups to manage access to your space, here are a couple of options to consider:

  1. Transitioning to LDAP Groups
    • Every course and department at Queen's has an LDAP group associated with it. A user's membership to specific groups is automatically synced and updated every time a user logs into the service. If you'd like to find out more about transitioning your space to use LDAP groups, please submit an IT Services Help Form.
  2. Transferring Group Access to Individual User Access
    • If the total number of users that you are managing in space-level groups is relatively low (e.g., less than 15 or 20), it may make sense to change how space access is managed by transferring users from groups to individual user access. For more information on adding users to your space, please visit the Assigning Space Permissions tutorial in the Confluence documentation.
  3. Contacting IT Services to Modify Groups/Group Membership
    • IT Services can provide you with a list of users that belong to a group at any point in time, even once the Manage Users/Groups feature goes away. We can also modify membership, add new groups or delete existing groups on your behalf. Simply submit an IT Services Help Form with your request.

The Documentation Theme

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As of version 6.0, the Documentation Theme is no longer supported by Confluence. Any spaces that are currently using the Documentation Theme will automatically be switched to the Global Look and Feel (default) Theme.

Please note that if you are currently using custom CSS in the sidebar of your space, you may notice some differences in appearance when it is moved to a different theme. If you would like to ensure that your space will not be break during the upgrade process, you can always move to the Global Look and Feel theme beforehand by:

  1. Navigating in your space to "Browse" > "Space Admin"
  2. Under "Look and Feel", select "Themes"
  3. Select "Global Look and Feel" from the "Choose New Theme" section
  4. Click Confirm

The ImageMap Macro

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The ImageMap Macro allowed users to create an "ImageMap", or an image with clickable regions, within a wiki page. This feature will no longer be available in the newest version of the Wiki.

Highlights of upgrade from Confluence 5.8.18 to 6.6.10 from Confluence Release Notes

Release 5.9

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It's the Dashboard, but not as you know it

Confluence 5.9 sports a brand new dashboard, with a collapsible sidebar that makes getting around a breeze. 

When viewing the Wiki as an anonymous user, a list of All updates that have been made to public spaces will display on the dashboard. A list of available spaces will now appear in a collapsible sidebar.

Once logged in:


Get back to your work, fast


Here's where the new dashboard really comes into its own. Get lightning fast access to your recently created and edited pages in Recently worked on, get back to that page you stumbled across yesterday in Recently viewed, and have your most important pages on speed dial under Favorites.


Useful spaces at your fingertips


Last but not least, we've made a place for those spaces that you hop in and out of several times a day. Hit the star icon in a space's sidebar or in the space directory to make it appear under My spaces in the sidebar.  

Edit a page, without losing your place

No more having to spot the same typo twice! Confluence will now keep you in the same spot when you move between viewing and editing a page (sometimes referred to as 'in-place' editing). Also, to make sure the tools you need are always at your fingertips, the page data (breadcrumbs, restrictions, and attachments) and tools now appear as soon as you start to scroll up, meaning no scrolling all the way to the top of the page.

One-click create for blank pages

We love our Confluence templates, and think they're really handy, but we also know that many pages start out blank. To save you time when creating blank pages, we're taking the process from 3 steps down to 1 with our new 'quick create' option. Instead of a single create button in the header, you'll now see two options: Create (blank page) and Create from template.

A better way to restrict pages We've made it easier to restrict who can edit and view your pages in Confluence.

The new padlock icon at the top of the page gets you straight into the restrictions dialog (you can still get there using (...) > Restrictions, but why click twice?).

There's three options:

  • No restrictions - keep the page open to everyone (hint: use this for a quick way to remove existing restrictions).
  • Editing restricted - limit who can edit a page, but keep it open for everyone to view.
  • Viewing and editing restricted - set exactly who can view, and who can edit. It's the most flexible option

The padlock icon at the top of the page changes when a page is restricted, or when it's inheriting view restrictions from another page. We'll also give you a warning in the restrictions dialog when your page is affected by restrictions on other pages.

Easier page and post favoriting

Marking a page or blog post as a favorite makes it easy to get back to, especially with favorites right there on the new dashboard. You might favorite pages and posts you really like, or just the ones you need to visit regularly. We've move the Favourite option into the main page tools section, so it's even easier to mark something as a favourite.

Release 6.0

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Collaborative editing has arrived

The feature you've all been waiting for has arrived - collaborative editing! See who's editing the page with you, and watch their changes in real time. Changes are automatically saved and synced so there's no need to ever manually save. Your only decision is when to publish the changes.

Working together in the editor

Whether you're in the same room, or on a different continent, speed up the draft and review processes by working together in real time.

You don't need to sacrifice the power of the Confluence editor either – all your layouts, macros and favorite features are available.

Subtle cursors show who is in the editor with you, and what they're doing.

Publish when you're ready

One of the things that sets Confluence apart from other real-time editors is the separation between viewing a page and editing a page.

Your audience can continue to read your page, without seeing your edits in real time. This is super important if you're working on policies, procedures or documentation pages.

Once you and your team are done editing, you can:

  • publish (or update if the page has previously been published) to make everyone's changes visible
  • close the editor and keep everyone's work to finish later
  • close the editor and discard everyone's changes.

We make it very clear if you're about to discard changes made by other people!

Resume unfinished work

Work on a page for just a few minutes or several days. We'll save your changes until you're ready to publish.

Hit Edit any time to resume your work. Any unpublished changes from you or your team will be ready and waiting for you. If you created the page, and it has never been published, you can head to Profile > Drafts to resume working on it.

Massive wins for big page hierarchies

Copy page hierarchies

By popular demand, you can now copy a page and all its child pages in one easy process. This lets you duplicate existing content, kick off new projects with the perfect pro-forma page hierarchy, or take a snapshot of important pages - the possibilities are endless.

But that's not all, you can now also choose a location to copy to. No more copying a page and then manually moving it to another parent page or space.

Whether you copy into the same space or a different space, we give you the tools you need to modify page titles on the fly and control what's included in your new pages.

Delete page hierarchies

Need to clean up old content or quickly trash of all those copied hierarchies you can now make? Never fear, when deleting a page you now have the option to delete just the current page, or to delete the page and all its child pages.

We'll warn you of any incoming links, but won't include links that are coming from pages that will also be deleted in the same batch, making it super easy to tidy up your incoming links before you delete.

Release 6.1

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The improvements introduced in Confluence version 6.1 were mostly behind-the-scenes. If you're interested in finding out more, visit the Confluence 6.1 Release Notes.

Release 6.2

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Start collaborating sooner

Invite people to edit with you

Working on a page and could use some help? Invite your teammates to edit the page with you, without leaving the editor.

You can invite people by name, email address or even invite a whole group. They'll get a notification to take them straight into the editor. You can invite people to a draft, before you've published, or to pages with unpublished changes.

Alternatively you can grab the link and share it via chat, text, carrier pigeon, it's totally up to you.

Resolve permission roadblock faster

Space permissions and page restrictions are an inevitable part of many Confluence sites. Inviting someone won't automatically grant them permissions to edit the page, so to make it easier for people to get access we've made a few changes.


  • If you're invited to edit a page that has edit restrictions, you can now request access.


  • If you're invited to edit a page, but don't have Add (edit) permission in that space, we'll give you a link to a list of space admins so you know who to contact.
Share with ease

Not to be left out, the Share button gets some love in this release too. We've moved the short link from the (...) menu to the Share button. It's never been easier to grab a link to a page and paste it into your favourite chat or productivity tool.

Release 6.3

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Maximum editors limit

To prevent potential performance issues, the maximum number of people who can edit a page simultaneously is now limited to 12. This means that people can't enter the editor if there are already 12 other people editing the page, and will need to wait until someone leaves.

Easier access to your work in progress

It's now even easier to get to your work in progress, so you can finish it and move on.

Access your recently worked on items from the profile menu (1), as well as from the dashboard (2). This will be particularly useful if your site uses a page as the homepage, instead of the dashboard.

Release 6.4

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Easier access to your drafts

Started working on a new page, but weren't quite ready to hit publish? We call these unpublished pages drafts, and up until now, getting back to them has been a bit of a challenge.

Now, you can find any draft that you've created or edited under Recently worked on in the dashboard. No more hunting through the drafts list in your profile, or leaving that browser tab open until you have time to go back and finish it off.

Close the loop on unfinished work

All too often we start updating an existing page, but don't quite get around to publishing the changes. These changes then lay unfinished and forgotten. Not anymore, a handy unpublished changes lozenge now appears next to the page in your Recently worked on, and when viewing the page, to remind you about your unfinished work. 

Page history

The page history now shows both the avatar and name of the people who edited a version. 

Release 6.5

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Email threading in more places

Seeing email notifications in one thread or conversation can make keeping up with your team's Confluence activity much easier. We've improved Confluence's email threading so that page edit, like and comment notifications are grouped together.

Some notifications, such as sharing a page, mentions, requesting access to a page, or recommended updates emails aren't grouped, to make them prominent in your inbox.

Release 6.6

 Click here to expand Confluence 6.6 highlights...

The improvements introduced in Confluence version 6.6 were mostly behind-the-scenes. If you're interested in finding out more, visit the Confluence 6.6 Release Notes.

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