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2017-09-25 DSR Meeting Notes.pdf

2017-06-19 DSR Minutes.pdf

2017-06-19 DSR Meeting Agenda.pdf

2017-04-19 DSR Meeting Notes.pdf

2017-Apr-19 DSR Meeting Agenda.pdf

2017-Mar-20 DSR Meeting Agenda.pdf

2017-Mar-20 DSR Meeting background.pdf

Work Plan

2017-09-25 DSR Work Plan.pdf

Terms of Reference

2016-Oct-18 Queen's Digital Scholarly Record Working Group TOR.pdf

Background Resources

ARC ISED Report - Final.pdf

Tri-Agency Statement of Principles on Digital Data Management

Tri-Agency Data Management Policy Development.pdf

Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications

Portage Principles

Portage page of RDM Policies and Statements

Research Data Canada RDM Statement of Principles

CARL Scholarly Communications Roadmap 


INKE (Implementing New Knowledge Environments) (digital humanities)

FAIR Data Principles

Humanities/Social Science RDM Survey: doi:10.5683/SP/EDF78Y

Eng/Sci RDM Survey: hdl:10864/11651

SSHRC DMP Workshop - Final Report.pdf

ORCID CA Joint Statement of Principles-Final (EN).pdf

Some existing related services

Library - Research Data Management ServicesScholarly Publishing Services


Don Aldridge, Centre for Advanced Computing

Brenda Brouwer, School of Graduate Studies

Amir Fam, Civil Engineering

Adam Grotsky, Society for Graduate and Professional Students

Karina McInnis, University Research Services

Martha Whitehead, Library (Chair)


Rosarie Coughlan, Scholarly Publishing Librarian

Courtney Matthews, Head Open Scholarship Services

Heather McMullen, Associate University Librarian

Michael Vandenburg, Associate University Librarian





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