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his is the home of the Information Services and Technology Faculty Advisory Committee - ISAT-FAC.

The ISAT-FAC was formed by ITS to provide a forum for Queen's faculty members to share their concerns and priorities about IT@Queen's. The Committee discusses current and new IT initiatives and is mandated to complete a report each year that is presented to ITS management.  ITS management in turn responds to the report to answer faculty concerns, and to continue the communication process.

Terms of Reference    Committee Resources and Background Material     QShare Folder

A. Cockfield, Faculty of Law (faculty)
B. Gallupe, School of Business (faculty)
H. Horton, Faculty of Arts and Science (faculty)
D. Klinger, Faculty of Education (faculty)
J. Rose, Faculty of Arts and Science (faculty) 
L. Flynn, Faculty of Health Sciences (faculty)
R. Mulligan, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science (faculty)
J. Morelli, Faculty of Arts and Science (faculty)

B. Wandschneider, Chief Information Officer & AVP-IT
M. Whitehead, University Librarian
S. Hunt, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
J. Lesslie, Office of the CIO (Chair)
B. Murphy, ITS
S. Boulton, ITS (Secretary)


November 03/16, 3:00pm, Agenda, (22Mar16) Minutes for Approval
January 26/17, 3:00pm, Agenda, (03Nov16) Minutes for Approval
February 27/17, 3:30pm, Agenda, (26Jan17) Minutes for Approval


November 11/15 9:00am; Agenda, Minutes (27May15) 
November 25/15 2:00pm; Agenda, Minutes (11Nov15) for Approval 
February 3/16 11:00am; Agenda, Minutes (25Nov15) for Approval
March 22/16 10:30am; Agenda, Minutes (3Feb16) for Approval

September 8/14 4:00 pm; Agenda, MinutesDeProvisioning ProcedureAuthoritytoAccess ProcedureFAC Position on O365 
October 28/14 8:30am, Dupuis G15; Agenda, Minutes
November 13/14 3:30pm, Dupuis G15; Agenda, Minutes
January 21/15 1:30pm, Dupuis G15; Agenda, Minutes
March 2/15 3:00pm, MacCorry B176 Seminar Room (joint FAC/SAC meeting) Agenda, Minutes
April 21/15 4:00pm, Dupuis G15; Agenda, Minutes (for approval)
May 27/15 2:30pm, Dupuis G15; Agenda, Academic Software Principles, FAC Survey Top 3 Feb2014

January 22/14, 10:30 am, Dupuis G15; Agenda, Minutes, Presentation (IT@Queen's and Cloud Computing)
February 12/14, 1:00 pm; Dupuis G15; Agenda, IT@Queen's Survey Results, Minutes
March 18/14, 5:30 pm; Ellis Hall Active Learning Spaces (joint meeting with Student Advisory Committee); Agenda, Minutes
April 15/14, 9:00 am; Dupuis G15 Agenda, Minutes





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