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The "Post" server is a legacy platform that has been used for many years to provide certain services for faculty, staff and departments. These include the Post email service ( and Post web space hosting. Plans are now under way to phase out Post email service and all associated email addresses by August 2014, while Post web space hosting will continue to be supported.

The information below is provided to help Post account holders mitigate any potential issues arising from the termination of Post email service.

For more information about the decommissioning schedule, and a list of impacts and recommendations for both personal and departmental accounts, please read this notice on the ITServices website.


Q. When will my Post email account be deleted? 
A. If you are faculty or staff, your personal email account will be deleted November 26, 2013, unless you explicitly request it be deleted prior to this date. If you have web space on, you can have your email account deleted separately from your web space.

Q. How does this affect my Post Web service?
A. The email service is independent of the web space you have on Email accounts can be deleted separately from your web space.

Q. Can I delete my Post email account?
A. Call the IT Support Centre at x36666 during regular business hours. You will need to confirm your identity before you can have your account deleted. 

Q. Why am I receiving automated messages about my Post email account activity?
A. ITServices has determined that you have received email via Post. These emails may have originated from subscriptions, or friends or colleagues that continue to use your email address.

Q. How do I stop getting these automated messages?
A. You are receiving these messages, because your Post account is still receiving email. Therefore, you have a number of options:

- Update any email subscriptions and make sure that your family, friends and colleagues have your current email address. You may also want to make sure that your Post email address isn't being used in any automated processes - for example, online forms or multifunction devices that send scanned documents to your account. (This is more likely to apply to departmental accounts, but it's something to consider.)

- These messages will automatically stop after November 26, when Post email service is shut down for all personal accounts.

- You can request that your Post email account be deleted now. Please refer to the previous question, "Can I delete my Post email account?"

Q. What happens when someone sends an email to my Post account after it is deleted?
A. Any incoming mail would be returned with an error message and a link to the Queen’s online directory, so that the sender can search for your current contact information.

Q. I have a publication that uses my Post email address. What can I do?
A. Unfortunately, there isn't anything you can do about past publications. However, once your Post email account is deleted, any email sent to it will receive an error message with a link to the Queen’s online directory where the sender can search for your current contact information

Q. How do I change my online subscriptions? 
A. Log in to the services that you use, and go to the "Account Settings" or "User Profile" area to locate your Post email address and update it to a current one. If you don't remember the password, you may be able to use the service's password recovery option. To help you remember any services where you might have used your Post email in the past, you can refer to the section below for a list of some common service providers. 

Q. What if I'm using my Post email address as an alternate email address for another service?
A. Often service providers (online stores, banks, webmail, etc.) require you to provide an alternate email address that can be used to retrieve forgotten login credentials. You should check to see if you have used your Post email for any of these accounts and update it to a current email address. You can refer to the lists provided below for online services or software/hardware vendors to help you remember any accounts where your Post email is being used.

Where to look for your Post email address 

Online Services 

There might be a number of online services that are using your Post email address for your user profile. This email is often used for password recovery, so it's important to update your settings before your Post email account is deleted.

To help you remember what services you may be using, here is a list of some of the major service providers. (Please note - this is not an exhaustive list):

Online Software/Hardware Registration

You may have used your Post email address when registering software or hardware products. The following is a list of vendors of software or hardware products supported by ITServices. (Please note - this is not an exhaustive list):

Help & Support

Please contact the IT Support Centre by calling 613-533-6666 during regular business hours, or by filling out the online help form.
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