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July 2012 Update

Human Resources PeopleSoft went into production on February 22, 2012. The new department code tree structure has been validated, and the online People Search and Telephone and E-Mail Directory have been updated to reflect these changes.

The legacy (old) HR department codes will be deactivated on Friday, July 13, 2012.

This space will be used to provide documentation to members of the Queen's community who may need to modify their applications, or their application permissions, because department codes have changed with the HR PeopleSoft implementation that occurred on February 22, 2012.

Changes to Your Applications May Be Necessary!

When HR PeopleSoft went live, a new structure for department codes replaced the old (legacy) structure. This impacts you if:

  • you receive a data feed from ITServices that uses the department code field;
  • you have your own application that uses HR department codes; or
  • you use an ITServices enterprise application (e.g. QShare or the Queen's Wiki), and you use department codes to manage the permissions in your space.

Viewing the New Department Tree

The new department code tree can be viewed in QShare by logging in with your NetID and password. Departments that are linked have people in them. Click in the link to view the membership of that department.

Primary Changes

Prior to PeopleSoft, the HR departments were all contained at the same "level" under the Queen's umbrella (at least from a technical point of view). In essence, the organizational structure was flat. With the introduction of PeopleSoft, the organizational structure has become treed, with many departments residing under a given organizational unit. Multiple organizational units in turn are going to belong to yet higher organizational units.

As a simple example, the department of French Studies is part of the "French" organizational unit, under the "Languages" organizational unit, under the "Faculty of Arts & Science" organizational unit, which is under the "Vice Principal Academic" organizational unit, which is under the "Queen's University" organization.

Going "down" rather than "up" the tree, the "Faculty of Arts and Science" organizational unit contains the Humanities, Languages, Physical Science, Social Science organizational units. Those units in turn contain other organizational units and departments.

For those who are familiar with the PeopleSoft General Ledger, the HR department codes are the same as the Department field in the Chart of Accounts. Not every new HR department code will be populated with staff members at go-live, but they may gain membership in future.

New Group Structure in LDAP and Active Directory

The new departmental structure has been published to both Active Directory (AD) and LDAP for use by application that are LDAP- or AD-aware.

Non-LDAP or AD Related Group Changes

Systems that receive an extract file from ITServices that contains department codes and descriptions will continue to receive an extract file. Given the varying nature of each extract, it will not be possible to represent the new tree structure in the extract. What will be there is the lowest level department code and the new description. That is, the specific department a user belongs to.

QShare and Queen's Wiki

Users of QShare and the Queen's Wiki may also be impacted by the changes to Queen's Department Codes. While ITServices will ensure that these applications can recognize and utilize the new codes, QShare and Wiki space administrators who manage the permissions in those spaces using departmental groups will have to review and update their permissions to ensure that the new codes are in place. A tutorial is available on the ITServices website on Using Human Resources Department Codes in QShare.

Help & Support

If you have any questions about the impact of these changes, or about how to modify your applications to accommodate these changes, please contact the IT Support Centre by calling 613.533.6666 or by filling out the online help form.

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