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To add an image to a page, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the page in your tree that you would like to edit.
  2. Select Authoring, Edit, Edit Document.
  3. Move your cursor to where you want the picture to appear.
  4. Click the button.
  5. Click the button.
  6. If your image has not yet been added to your Asset Library, follow these steps (otherwise skip to step 7):
    • Click "Browse..."
    • Find and select the image on your computer. (Make sure that the file name of the image you are adding does not have any spaces or special characters in it.)
    • Click Open.
    • Enter a title for your picture in the Title field.
    • Click "Add Image".
  7. All of the images added to your page appear as a list under the "Asset Library" section. Select the image you would like to add from this list.
  8. Enter a short description of the image in the "Description (ALT)" field. (This is a requirement under accessibility laws. The ALT tag is what a screenreader will read to a visually impaired user.)
  9. Click Submit.
  10. If you want to align the image to the right or left hand side of the screen, follow these steps (otherwise skip to step 11):
    • Click on the "Appearance" tab
    • Select the appropriate option from the drop down "Alignment" menu.
  11. Click Insert.



The Asset Library is specific to each individual page on your WebPublish site. If you use the same image on multiple pages, you will need to add it as an asset to each individual page.

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