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Known Issues

The following is a list of MyQueensU issues that are known to us. Some of these issue are things that ITServices can work towards resolving; others have been reported to Liferay and are awaiting a response from them.

Open Issues






Users who logged in to the new portal prior to March 22 (i.e. when it was in beta release) may have added apps to their Home page that are now generating the following error message: "This portlet has been undeployed. Please redeploy it or remove it from the page." This error message may be received for the following apps: Email, RSS, and Weather.

These applications were updated by ITServices to address the performance issues experienced in January 2011.

To fix the problem, delete the app from the page and then re-add the application.

(Note: The portal does not currently offer a weather app.)


Users who have Shared Folders may not be able to get their Email if they are using Internet Explorer.

ITServices is investigating.

Email is working properly in Mozilla Firefox. Or, users can access their mail using webmail instead of the portal.


When you add an app to the Home page, the Events Calendar loses its formatting in IE8.

ITServices is investigating.

Formatting can be restored by refreshing your browser screen, or, you can Change Calendar Options and select the calendar you wish to display.


When editing the RSS feeds on the Home page, certain characters will cause the name of the RSS feed to truncate upon saving.

We have reported the issue to Liferay and are awaiting a resolution.


November 2010

After a significant number of apps have been added to a page, they can no longer be dragged and dropped to a new location on the page.

We have reported the issue to Liferay and are awaiting a resolution.

Delete the app, and then re-add it to the page, dragging it immediately to your preferred location. Note that if you have added any custom content to the app (e.g. My Bookmarks), those customizations will be lost when the Application is deleted.

Summer 2010

When you mouseover the Properties icon ("..."), it does not display a descriptive tag.

This has been reported to Liferay.


Resolved Issues

Issue Date

Resolution Date




May 2011

Customizing the My Bookmarks channel on the Home page is broken. User will get the error message: "My Bookmarks is temporarily unavailable."

My Bookmarks can now be customized (problem with special characters resolved).


February 2011

The two Events Calendars visible on the Palette page (Athletics and Campus Life) cannot be added to the Home page at this time.

The Events calendar can be added to the Home page. The user can toggle between the Athletics and Life calendars, or can add two instances of the calendar to display both.

Summer 2010


The Options menu is not completely accessible.

The Options menu (and submenus within it) can now be navigated using a keyboard only - a mouse is no longer for navigation.



The new Research Accounts channel is not yet available in the new portal.

The new Research Accounts channel is now in the new portal.



The My Queen's Email app may not work for some users. They will get an error message that says "An error occurred while attempting to display this portlet".

Problem has been resolved.



The RSS feed is not working properly at this time. It has been removed from the Palette page. If you add it to your Home page, you will get an error message saying, "RSS is temporarily unavailable."

The RSS feed is now working, and has been added to the Palette page. Users who add it to their Home page will no longer get an error message.

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