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Important Dates to Remember

2013 August 13

  • Integrated Dashboard will provide easy access to all your courses
  • Academic and Community Moodle (2.4) will be available.

2013 August 20

  • Moodle drop-in sessions start. Drop-in sessions occur every Tuesday from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM in the computer lab of the Faculty and Staff Learning Facilities (B176 Mackintosh-Corry Hall).

2013 Mid-September

  • Current Moodle 2.2 with all extant 2012-13 courses and spaces will be locked and available as a read-only archive.

Create Your Own Courses and Practice Spaces

We're giving you more control!  We've developed a method that allows you to create your own Moodle spaces and academic courses. The course creation process also allows you to add your class enrolments, and import your content from previous courses.  All with a few simple clicks and keystrokes.

  • Any instructor of record, as listed in PeopleSoft, will have the ability to:
    • create new academic courses for the 2013-14 terms
    • manage your own student enrolments
  • Any Queen's faculty, staff or graduate student will have the ability to create Practice Spaces
  • Import content from any previous course or space in which your role was Owner. For the academic year, 2013-2014, the term 'previous' refers to courses and spaces in the 2012-2013 academic calendar year.

Moodle Life Cycle

Beginning in mid-August 2013, three iterations of Moodle will be available.

Instead of running one version of Moodle, and trying to find a good time to upgrade (there is never a good time to upgrade with courses running year round) we've developed a Moodle Life Cycle in which major upgrades will never impact academic courses.  Each year in May, a new upgraded version of Moodle updated will be created for the upcoming academic year

Academic Moodle

All academic courses, and courses with start and end dates will be available on an iteration of Moodle that will ensure a consistent look and feel throughout the academic year from September through August.

Thirty days after the last course ends, all courses and spaces will be archived.

Academic Moodle - New Release in May

As we approach the start of a new academic year, a brand new iteration of Moodle will be available in May to facilitate preparation for fall courses. Old courses will continue to be available for one year in the archive.

Community Moodle

All courses or spaces with undefined start and end dates (e.g., Practice spaces) will be available on an iteration of Moodle that will be upgraded in May of each year.

Integrated Dashboard

To simplify access to the Academic and Community iterations of Moodle, a Dashboard will be available to display all of your courses on one screen.

New Features in Moodle 2.4

For the upcoming academic year all courses will use version 2.4. Some of the new features include:

  • Self-Course Creation
  • Add and remove your own PeopleSoft Course Enrolments
  • Drag and drop files from your desktop directly into your course
  • An upgraded Assignment module that integrates the old Group Assignment functionality
  • Pearson: Seamless integration with Pearson Publishing content
  • Simplified Course Readings Management (ARES eReserves) | Getting Started
    • The library will:
      • Scan library readings that fall within the fair dealing guidelines
      • Acquire and process copyright permissions as needed
      • Create and provide links to electronic library resources
      • Adapt materials to meet accessibility standards
      • Make the readings available in ARES eReserves.
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