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Note: The new portal became a full production service on March 22, 2011. As of that date, it is the only MyQueensU portal in production. Users still navigate to to log in.

Learn About the New MyQueensU!

In March 2011, ITServices launched an updated portal. The new MyQueensU has many of the same features as before, but will offer enhanced functionality in the future. It is much easier now to customize your portal experience by allowing you to drag and drop apps and arrange them however you wish. The video below provides a quick overview of the new portal:

What has stayed the same

You still:

  • go to to access the new MyQueensU, and you log in using your NetID and password;
  • see the apps you previously had access to, such as email;
  • see a tab for My Library, and potentially other tabs based on your role here at Queen's; and
  • go to the portal to access PeopleSoft Resources and Research Accounts.

What has changed

  • The MyQueensU login page looks different (but still requires your NetID and password):

Old login page:

New login page:

  • The updated portal features a new banner:


  • You have a page called Home instead of My Front Page. By default, this page will show only a Home Tab Message. This page is fully customizable  in both content and layout, and is intended to be an (almost) blank canvas that you can customize to optimize the MyQueensU experience to suit your preferences.
  • The Services tab is gone. Instead, the apps that used to be on that page (e.g. PeopleSoft Resources) will be on your Palette page, and can be added to your Home page.
  • The My Profile channel will be gone. If you would like the link for Manage My Profile, you can add it to the My Bookmarks channel.
  • The new portal no longer features collections of links to websites for which authentication is not required (for example, Employee Resources, Research Resources, etc.). Instead, we suggest the following:
    • Use the tabs on the main Queen's website ( to access link lists to publicly available websites; and
    • Use the My Bookmarks app in the portal to build a list of links that are relevant to you. You can add the My Bookmarks app more than once to create multiple lists with different headings, if desired.

What is brand new

Note:  On March 9, 2011, QCARD was replaced by the new PeopleSoft Student Centre, known as SOLUS. You can access SOLUS three ways: 1) using the link in the blue utility bar, visible from any page;  2) using the SOLUS Student Centre app that is on the Palette page by default; or 3) by adding the SOLUS Student Centre app to your Home page.

  • The Palette tab contains all of the apps that you have access to based on your role at Queen's. You will not be able to delete or rearrange any of the apps on this page. However, you can recreate each of these apps on your Home page if you wish.
  • You can access the MyQueensU login page from any Queen's website that features the tartan utility bar as a My.QueensU link will be included. This will be in addition to all of the ways your formerly accessed the portal. 

Help & Support

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Support Centre by calling 613.533.6666 or by filling out the online help form.

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