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Custom Application Development

If you are in need of custom application development services, ITServices has built a repository of information to assist you. This information can be used if you are building the application in-house (within your own unit), or if you are engaging a third-party for assistance. Third-party developers could include other units at Queen's (such as ITServices) or someone outside of the University altogether.

Use the links below or in the left menu to navigate to the information you need:

When You Must Involve ITServices

Under some circumstances, you must work with ITServices regarding your custom application even if ITServices is not building the application itself. These circumstances include:

  1. Any application that will require authentication using ITServices' Central Authentication and Authorization Services (Single Sign-On and Common Sign-On).
  2. Any application that requires access to or will be collecting Queen's Personal and Confidential Information.
  3. Any application that is being hosted by ITServices. In this case, ITServices must perform a vulnerability (security) assessment before the application goes live.
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