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Things Developers Need to Ask/Know to Build an Application for Queen's

There are some things that third-party developers will need to know that are specific to building an application for Queen's.


If the application requires authentication, the client may wish to use ITServices' Central Authentication and Authorization Services. These services include Single Sign-On and Common Sign-On.


Will the client be hosting the application themselves, or looking for a web hosting service? ITServices offers a variety of Web Space hosting options.

Personal & Confidential Information

If the application requires access to any Queen's Personal and Confidential information, written authorization must be procured from the owner of the information in order to use it. More information can be found on the ITServices website page on Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Visual Identity Standards

Queen's has defined Visual Identity Standards, including web-specific standards.

Web Standards and Accessibility Guide

Queen's has an online Web Standards and Accessibility Guide that incorporates Queen's Visual Identity Standards and best practice accessibility standards.

Security Guidelines

Queen's has developed a Secure PHP Development Handbook to assist everyone building PHP applications for Queen's.

System Assessment

Any application that is hosted by ITServices, or that uses or collects Queen's Personal and Confidential Information, must undergo an ITServices System Assessment.

A minimum of four weeks prior to go-live is required in order to complete this assessment.

Web Developer Resources

Visit ITServices website for more Web Developer Resources.

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