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Email and Calendar for Staff, Faculty and Graduate Students

ITServices is making significant changes this year to improve our email and calendar services. For Queen's faculty, staff, and graduate students, as well as other non-student members of the Queen's community, this means a transition to Microsoft Exchange Server in Spring 2012 for everyone currently using ITServices' central mail service. This will include all personal and generic accounts.

Please note that this transition will not change your current email address; all and addresses will remain intact.

For those of you who currently manage your email through the web, the change will be as simple as going to a new login page ( and using the new web interface.

At no time will you be asked for your password as part of this migration. ITServices will never ask you for your NetID password.

How Can I Tell If My Email Account Will Be Migrated?

Some departments use their own mail system and are not part of ITServices' centralized mail service. To confirm whether your email account will be migrated, go to and log in with the NetID and password of the account you are wondering about. If you can log in - and see the Mail tab - then your account will be migrated.

Reasons for the Change

Our current mail (known as JES) and calendar (now Oracle Calendar, previously Corporate Time) systems have been in place for a number of years. Both have since been acquired by Oracle Corporation, which has declared that neither product is strategic to them in the long term and will be on a sustain-only support model. Because of this, they are not being developed to offer the functionality, reliability and integration that is now the standard.

Benefits of the New Application

The new email and calendar service will provide an up-to-date and integrated view of mail, calendar, tasks and contacts. As well, it has many mobile-friendly features that offer a more seamless interface with Blackberry, iPhone and a number of other mobile devices. With the move to the new service, users will get 5GB of free mail storage (as opposed to the current 1GB), and some departments will experience cost savings such as no longer having to pay annual NotifyLink and Oracle Calendar fees.

In addition, the web interface that will replace is featurer-rich and user-friendly, so many users may choose to move away from a local mail client and use only the web interface. This will provide a seamless, integrated mail and calendar experience for users anywhere a web browser is available.

Where to Learn More

This Wiki space is where you'll find the specifics about how the migration will impact you - what you need to do before and after migration, tutorials, FAQs, training information, etc. The information available in this space will continue to grow, so please visit it regularly.

The ITServices website also offers information pertaining to this transition. Please visit the page called Email and Calendaring Solution for Staff to find detailed information about the reasons for the change, how we arrived at this solution, benefits of the new application, and project approach, activities and progress.

Help & Support

If you have any questions, contact the IT Support Centre by filling out the online help form or by calling 613.533.6666 during regular business hours.

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