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Outlook, by default, has its own set of rules for determining what goes into the Junk folder and how long email will be retained in the Junk folder until it is deleted. After your account has been migrated to the Exchange server, each user will need to review their Junk folder to ensure that email that has been moved to the Junk folder is indeed junk.

If you determine that email has been moved to the Junk folder mistakenly, you can move it to back the Inbox. This will automatically build a rule so next time email from that sender will not be moved to the Junk folder.

1. Double click the Junk folder to open it

  • right mouse click on any email that is not junk
  • select Junk from the flyout menu
  • Then select Not Junk

2. The Mark as Not Junk screen will open

  • Check the box to Always trust e-mail from "your email message".
  • This builds a rule to let Outlook know how to handle email coming from this email address
  • Click the OK button

3. Repeat this process for each email message that appears in the Junk folder that should not be considered Junk.

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