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Draft – January 2014



Sensitive Information

An electronic set of information or data, such as a database, file, or document, that is classified as personal, confidential, or operationally sensitive, according to the Queen's University Data Classification Standard, regardless of where it is located.

IT Resource (information technology resource)

A computer, device, or network on which there is a significant operational dependency for the University, a Department or Research Group, and/or which stores, transmits, or provides access to sensitive information. In general this refers to computers functioning as servers (see below), and storage devices such as USB keys and portable hard drives, but also extends to personal computers,  printers, facsimile and photocopiers which have internal storage capability that could contain Sensitive Information.


A server is a specific class of IT Resource which provides network-based information storage, access or processing services that are used by multiple persons within or external to Queen's. 


A desktop, laptop or hand-held computer or device that is used by one individual at any given time, including its operating system software (e.g. MS Windows, MacOS, Unix) 

Software Application

A software program which provides some capability or performs some function with a specific purpose, which is acquired or developed for or within the University, and operates on one or more servers or workstations. 

User Account

The combination of an account which is used to access a computer, software application or service, and the password or other mechanism which controls or limits access to the account. 

Privileged User Account

A special class of user account on a computer, device or application which has additional authority to change settings, configurations, install software, grant access, etc. Gaining access to a Privileged User Account will generally achieve full control over the entire computer, device or application. 

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