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  • Procedures for Reporting IT or Information Security Incidents or Risks
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Draft – January 2014


For IT security incidents or situations, including but not limited to:

  • You suspect unauthorized access to your computer or IT system
  • You suspect unauthorized acquisition or disclosure of sensitive information
  • You wish to report the theft or loss of a desktop or laptop computer, smart phone, portable storage device such as USB key/drive which may contain sensitive information
  • There has been accidental or inadvertent disclosure of sensitive information
  • You have responded to a phishing attempt asking for your account login and/or other personal information
  • You are receiving abusive or threatening email or messages

Select the most appropriate reporting procedure:

A) Emergency Reporting Procedure

In emergency situations, such as:

  • incidents or risks involving criminal activity or threats to personal safety or physical property; or
  • serious IT or information security incidents requiring immediate attention outside of normal University hours of operation;

… contact the Emergency Report Centre at 613-533-6111 (36111 from a University telephone)


B) Abusive Email Reporting Procedure

You should send an email message to to report such messages.


C) General Reporting Procedure

For all other security incidents or risks, contact the IT Support Centre by calling 613-533-6666 (36666 from a University telephone).


A note about Spam

While annoying and potentially disruptive, please do not report spam – unsolicited or unwelcome email messages – unless it contains criminal, threatening or harassing content. Spam is not generally regarded as a threat to security, and ITServices maintains effective mechanisms to intercept and discard the vast majority of spam arriving at Queen’s. Please be aware that no legitimate company would ask you to provide account information electronically. Messages which do so should be regarded as a Phishing attempts, and you should never respond to them.


If you are unsure whether a situation needs to be reported or not, please contact the IT Support Centre at 613-533-6666 during regular University Hours of Operation for guidance.

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