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Teaching for Social Justice Resource Bookshelf

This wiki is maintained and hosted at the Faculty of Education at Queen's University, established by Dr. Adam Davidson-Harden, Adjunct Professor in Social Justice and Cultural Studies.  It is conceived as a participatory resource for sharing resources that can help in addressing themes of social justice in teaching.  While studying toward their B.Ed or graduate degree at Queen's, educators can add resources that they think are useful toward teaching for social and environmental justice, and browse the pages for resources.  The wiki is publicly visible, but only editable by Queen's Faculty of Education users.  If you have found this page while browsing the web and wish to suggest a resource, please email us with your suggestion.  To Faculty of Education users: If the page for an area of interest of yours is a 'stub' - without much information - feel free to search for, and add your own resources.   Many pages have attachments (lesson/unit plans) that are only visible by clicking the little paperclip symbol that appears near the top left of the main web page/frame, so make sure to browse carefully.  

Again, for Queen's Faculty of Education users: log in with your netid and password.  Once logged in, click on the 'edit' or 'add' functions to add content.  By choosing 'edit' you can simply type in additional entries to existing pages.  Under the 'browse' tab at the top of the screen in the blue section, if you click on 'attachments' you will find a collection of activities/lesson plans developed by teachers in the Bachelor of Education program at Queen's.  Please share this site with others you think might be interested in schools, universities and beyond! 


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