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titleUploading and Sharing


In order to upload and share your video via YouTube, a Google account is required. If you are uncomfortable using or creating a Google account, please contact your teaching team.

  1. While signed in to YouTube, choose the camera icon in the upper-right and select Upload video
  2. On the upload page, drag and drop the video you would like to upload. Keep the video as Unlisted
  3. Once the video has been uploaded, copy the URL listed below Video URL. This is the link that can be used for sharing


If your video was accidentally shared as private or public, this setting can always be changed by visiting your video URL, choosing Edit Video below the Share and Save buttons, and changing the visibility to Unlisted.

titleTest the Video Link

Technology is sometimes unpredictable. It is good practice to test your YouTube video link to ensure that it is working as expected. Invalid or non working video links could result in an impact on grades, so it's important that they be tested before they are submitted:

  1. Copy the URL of your YouTube video. This can be as sim