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titleGrading Peer Reviews
  1. Navigate to the PeerMark Assignment. The assignment is accessed the same way students access it
  2. Open a new Tab and navigate to the onQ assignment where grades will be entered
  3. On the PeerMark Tab, select the PeerMark Reviews tab
  4. To the right of the student's name, select associated number of reviews under the Submitted column


    If you are grading specific students, the search box under Reviews can be used to find students more quickly

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  5. On the Submitted Reviews page, select the associated blue check mark under the Reviews column
  6. Review that feedback the student entered on the right. Close the window and repeat step 5 for any remaining reviews. When finished, select the Reviews tab to return to the main page.


    If time permits, check the Comments tab in the review as feedback might have been entered as a comment.

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  7. On the Assignment tab, search your student and select Evaluate.
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  8. Enter the review score, any associated feedback and choose Publish


    If a rubric is being used for grading, choose the appropriate rubric under Evaluation and Feedback. The grade can still be manually overridden if needed.

  9. Repeat steps 3-8 for the remaining students.