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titleFrequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the link for my session?
Your session links can be accessed from the activities tab in onQ.

Where does my Zoom recording go?
Recordings are automatically backed up to our ASO streaming server.

How do I set up a poll?
The host can set up a poll by selecting the poll option on the bottom menu, while in a meeting.

How to log in to open a session?
Please log into zoom using you NetID associated email address.

when When will my recording be posted to onQ?
You recording will be posted to onQ within 24 hours. If your session takes place on a Friday or during the weekend, it will be posted the following work day.

Will there be tech support in my sessions?
Tech support is optional. Please indicate if you require support or not, on the meeting request form.

Do you offer training?
Yes we do. You can request training on the meeting request form. 

How do I request a meeting?

To request meetings for booking please use the request form.

Click here to access the Meeting Request Form