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titleResetting a password
  1. Grab the Student's NetID. You can find this from the Global Address Book in Outlook, by exporting the grades in OnQ, or simply asking the student to include their NetID
  2. While logged in to the activity as an instructor, choose Impersonate User .
  3. On the Impersonate page, type in the NetID of the user whose password needs to be reset and choose Impersonate other user.
  4. Once logged in as the student, choose Home from the breadcrumbs and select Change Password
  5. Type in the new password and click Change password. You can revert back to your Instructor account by choosing Revert at the top of the page.


    To facilitate access to the activity, it's recommended that the password be changed to the student's NetID. 

  6. Send the new login information to the student


titleExport Submissions and Reviews

In order to export submissions and reviews, the instructor role is required. If you are not an instructor, please contact and request for your permissions to be elevated.


Please note that reviews and submissions should be exported after the activity has ended. Exporting before an activity closes will result in missing reviews or submissions.

titleExport Submissions
  1. In the activity, choose Download all submissions from the left menu. This will download a Zip file.
  2. Extract the Zip file.
  3. Each folder represents a student. The Review document contains reviews that were written about the student's work. The other file will be the student's original submission. 

titleExport Reviews
  1. In the activity, select View all reviews from the menu on the left
  2. On the Reviews page, choose Download as Excel
  3. This will download all of the reviews in the activity to a spreadsheet. Reviews can be sorted in Microsoft Excel to facilitate grading

If you would prefer to simply have a back up or read printed versions of reviews, Download as MSWord can be selected

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