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titleYour Blog link redirects to a "Coming Soon" page

This is because the your site hasn't been launched. Please see Launch Your Site in the steps above

titleBlogs are not displaying on the homepage

You might be using a different theme which uses a static page instead of most recent blog posts

  1. When logged in to your site dashboard, expand Design and choose Customize
  2. On the Customize menu, choose Homepage Settings
  3. Select Your latest posts and choose Publish in the upper-right of the window

titleDelete Blog Posts

You site will be created with two placeholder blog posts. To help keep your blog clean these posts can be deleted. 

  1. From your site dashboard, expand Site and choose Posts
  2. Select the toggle menu (three dots) to the right of your post and choose Trash

If you accidentally delete the wrong post, it can always be restored by clicking on Trashed (under Posts), expanding the toggle menu, and choosing Restore

titleClassmates Unable to Comment on Your Blog

In most cases, blog moderation might be enabled. Please follow the steps in Enable Commenting and set Eastern Timezone section.


Once your settings have been checked, you will need to ensure there aren't any comments awaiting moderation.

  1. From your site dashboard, expand Site and choose Comments
  2. For any comments listed by your classmates, make sure you approve them

titleChanging the Look and Feel of your Blog (Optional)
  1. After logging in, choose My Site from the upper left-hand corner of the screen
  2. Expand Design on from the menu on the left and choose Themes
  3. On the Site menu, choose Themes (under Design), search Radcliffe 2 and select Info
  4. On the next page, choose Activate this design. When prompted, choose Customize this site
  5. Select Site Identity on the left panel, choose Select logo and upload the EMPR Logo. When prompted, choose Skip Cropping in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Return to the Customize menu bu selecting the arrow to the left of Customizing Site Identity.


    The size of the logo can be increased or decreased by changing the slider under Logo Size. Your Site Title can be changed by updating the text in the Site Title field

  6. On the Customize menu, choose Fonts and select Open Sans from both the Headings and Base Font drop-down