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titleCreating an Activity in Aropa
  1.  Login to using the username and password that was provided to you
  2.  Select the appropriate class and choose Create assignment from the menu on the left


    If this is the first time you are accessing your class, visit Setting up Your Class for more information on adding students and TAs.

  3. Fill in the information on the New Assignment page.  


    Submission requirements allows for text or files to be submitted. File size

  1. limits in Aropa are 15 mb.


If students are expected to submit written work without images, it is strongly recommended that a submission textbox be used as this will ensure students will be able to open and review the work that was allocated to them. If files larger than 15 mb are expected to be submitted, students can be instructed to upload their work to an external service (i.e

OneDrive or
  1. Google Drive or OneDrive). 

    Image Added

    Please note: choosing a specific file type for students to upload will simply present a warning message when students upload the incorrect format. The uploaded file will still be submitted to Aropa