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titleAssigning Grades to a Rubric

 By default a newly created Rubic will not have grades associated to the criteria. Points can be assigned by doing the following:

  1. Choose Label rubric from the left menu
  2. On the Label Rubric page enter a descriptive name for each button group. Numbers can be assigned form the third column


    Only whole numbers can be entered in Aropa. If you are designing a more granular rubric, scale the numbers up (e.g. use 125 instead of 1.25). These TAs and Students will not see this change. The grades can be changed once they are exported to the LMS.

titleSpecify how Reviews are Allocated
  1.  On the left menu choose Specify allocations
  2. On the Setup allocations page, choose the desired allocation method. For most applications Allocate randomly will work for individual submissions allocated between the entire class. For groups and manual allocations please contact Julian or Martin