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titleUsing the Automated Spreadsheet

The steps below should be followed to ensure the budget sheet will work correctly on your computer.


The budget sheet will only work properly on a computer (Mac or PC). Mobile devices are not supported.

title1) Ensure Office 365 is Installed

In order for the automated Budget Sheet to work correctly, the most recent version of Microsoft Excel needs to be installed on your computer.


Microsoft Office 365 is available to all registered Queen's students for free. For more information on installing Office 365, please consult the ITServices Tutorial Page.

Please note that the spreadsheet will not work properly with Office 365 Online (e.g. opening the spreadsheet in your browser).

title2) Download and Open the Spreadsheet
  • Please check the course website for the Budget Sheet download link.

When downloading, please ensure you are saving the file in a local folder on your computer (e.g. your Downloads folder, desktop, Documents, etc). Opening the file from a temporary folder will likely result in your work not being saved.

  • Open up the spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel and accept the security prompts to enable the code.

title3) Begin your Budget
  • On the Summary Worksheet, select the number of years you would like for your proposal and choose Create a new category to begin adding budget  categories.


    The number of years for the proposal needs to be decided on before creating categories. If you decided to add or remove years after categories have been created, you will need to manually add or remove years for each category. 

title4) Save Your Work Frequently
While you are working on your budget, save your work frequently to ensure no progress is lost. Save your spreadsheet in .XLSM format. Saving in the regular Excel format will strip out the automated code and could result in your calculations not functioning correctly.  

Important Details When Using the Automated Sheet:

1) DO NOT edit the Template sheet

2) Select the number of years for the proposed project first.

3) The formulas are based on the the years selected in Step 1. If you change the number of years between Clicks of the button in step 2, the formulas may not be accurate

4) The Personnel tab is already created. There are two example entries that can be modified.

titleUsing a Manual Budget Sheet

If you are confident in using Microsoft Excel or are unable to enable the code in the automated Spreadsheet, you can use a regular Excel spreadsheet which doesn't contain any code. Please check the course for this alternate version.