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Please note that the Arts and Science Online supports Aropa. If you would prefer that troubleshooting be done by ASO, please send or forward the message to

titleStudent Can't View Feedback

There are numerous circumstances that can affect why the student is not viewing their feedback. The below troubleshooting steps can be followed to help resolve the issue:

  1. Peer Feedback VS TA Feedback
    • Peer Feedback and TA Feedback are displayed in two different locations in Aropa. Peer Feedback will be available after the review phase in the main assignment while TA feedback will be available in the Review Marking assignment. If it isn't already known the student should be asked about what feedback they can't view.
  2. Unable to View Peer Feedback
    1. Student's won't be able to view feedback until after the reviewing phase has ended. If the phase is still active, ask the student to wait until reviewing has ended.
    2. If the student reported the issue just after reviewing has ended, ask that they close their browser and try logging back in to Aropa
    3. Check the progress of the student reviews (See Monitor Reviews section). Aropa has been configured to only display feedback if one or more reviews has been completed. If the student didn't complete a review they will not be able to view feedback.
    4. Double check with the student to ensure they are not viewing the Review Marking assignment
    5. If none of the above steps resolved the issue, please request that they contact
  3. Unable to View TA Feedback
    1. Aropa requires an arbitrary deadline for when feedback should be displayed. It is usually set as a week after reviewing has ended. If this inquiry falls within this time frame the student might need to wait until after the week has elapsed.
    2. Similar to Peer Reviews, if this inquiry was submitted just after the week deadline, they might need to log out and log back in to Aropa
    3. Double check with the student to ensure they are not viewing the main assignment
    4. Check the grading progress to ensure feedback has been written for this student's review.
    5. If none of the above steps resolved the issue, please request that they contact

titleAropa slow to load or displaying a "Too Many Connections" error

Aropa's maintenance window is 10 PM EST to Midnight EST. Students trying to submit work during this window will sometimes be prompted with an error message or slow load times. From here, students have several options:

  1. keep reloading the page. In most cases students are eventually able to submit
  2. report the issue to and attach their work. It can be uploaded on their behalf on the next business day.
  3. wait until after the maintenance window (e.g. try uploading the next morning)

titleImpersonate a User

If you are an instructor in Aropa, you have the ability to impersonate any of your students in the activity. This might allow you to see any issues the student is reporting.

  1. From the left menu, choose Impersonate other user
  2. Type inĀ  the NetID of the student you want to impersonate and choose Impersonate other user


    You can revert to your Instructor account by choosing REVERT at the top of the page