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titleSubmitting to onQ

How your recording is uploaded to onQ will depend on the size of the video file. The steps below assume you are in your onQ assignment.


If you are unsure how large your recording is, you can view the file size by doing the following from your Zoom recording folder:

  • On a Mac, right click (COMMAND + mouse click) on the .MP4 video file and choose Get Info
  • On a PC, right click on the .MP4 file and choose Properties

titleThe Video file is Less than 1 GB in size
  1. In the Assignment textbox, select the Insert Stuff icon in the upper-left of the text editor
  2. From the Insert Stuff window, select Add Video Note
  3. On the Video Note page, choose Upload, select Browse, navigate to the location of your Zoom recording, select your file and choose Next

  4. Choose Next and Insert
  5. Choose Submit to submit your video to the assignment


    Depending on the length of the video you submitted, it will take some time before it can be previewed. For this reason it is recommended that the recording be submitted before it has finished processing. You should check back on your submission to ensure the recording is working properly.

titleThe video file is larger than 1 GB in size
  1. Login to with your Queen's email address and password
  2. Drag and drop your video into oneDrive. This might take some time while the video uploads.


    If you use OneDrive extensively or you are worried about the organization within your account, you can create a folder and upload the video the folder.

  3. Back in onQ, select the Link icon from the textbox and select OneDrive. You will be prompted to login. Please login using your Queen's email address and password.
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  4. Choose your video and click Select

  5. The video title should now be linked in the textbox. Click Submit to submit the assignment.