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titleZoom Recordings & Settings

titleBefore Recording

Before Recording:

  • Please ensure you are familiar with the platform being used, including how to enable security and privacy safeguards. See the FAQs on Recordings Online Classes and Meetings for details on privacy settings. 
  • Please double check that the settings prevent recording on the platform by anyone other than yourself (unless allowing individuals to record a local copy is desired). 
  • Please notify participants BEFORE beginning to record followed by a statement about recording the session after the recording has begun to document the announcement. 
  • Only consenting participants (e.g., students, guest speakers, TAs) who have elected to take part in the class, tutorial, or meeting should be captured in the recording. 
  • Please also be sure no personal, private, or copyrighted (e.g., pictures, artwork, etc.) artifacts are visible and subject to inadvertent recording.  

titleRecording - Booked via onQ

titleRecord a Meeting

If Record the meeting automatically was selected when it was scheduled, recording should begin automatically when the meeting was opened. This is indicated by a recording icon in the upper-left of the screen.

If a recording icon is not present, click on the recording button on the bottom ribbon. If prompted, choose to record to the cloud as opposed to your local computer.

titlePost Recordings
  1. Access the Zoom Meetings link from you course's Zoom Page and choose the Cloud Recordings tab
  2. In the Publish column, click the slider for the associated meeting you would like to make available to students.


    If needed, meeting recordings can be trimmed as follows:

    1. Login to Zoom and visit the Recording page
    2. Select your recorded meeting and choose the scissors icon to begin editing.
    3. Choose the beginning and ending of the edited recording by using the sliders on the seek bar. Choose Save when finished. 


Please note that meeting recordings are automatically deleted after 90 days. If recordings need to be retained for longer, please you posted a recording in your course it's recommended that the same recording be downloaded and uploaded to (click Sign in if prompted). This will ensure students will have extended access to the recordings. Please email once the recording has been uploaded.

titleRecording - Booked by ASO Zoom

When scheduled by ASO, all Zoom recordings are configured to record automatically unless otherwise specified.

  • If you have specified you'd like your recordings posted when booking your Zoom meeting, ASO's Zoom Team will post the link to your recording to your Zoom Sessions page in onQ.
  • Recordings will be posted within 24 hours of the meeting date. If your meeting falls on a Friday or weekend it will posted on the following Monday.
  • If for any reason you do not want a recording posted to onQ, please email  
  • Should your recording require editing before posting, please notify us at as soon as possible.  Editing of recordings may require longer turnaround time to post video links to onQ.