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titleReview Work


In order to participate in the review phase (AKA the Assess phase) of the activity, work needs to initially be submitted to peerScholar. If the submission deadline has been missed for submitting work, please contact the teaching team in your course.

  1. Click on the peerScholar link in onQ. If peerScholar doesn't load up immediately, choose Open in a new window
  2. Select Assess which should be highlighted in green
  3. When prompted with the instructions screen, choose Let's Go!
  4. The submission of your first peer will be available as either text or downloadable file in the centre center of the screen
  5. Once the assigned work has been viewed feedback/rubric criteria can be entered on the right-hand window. Choose Save & Continue when finished
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for any additional peers you have been assigned.
  7. Choose Submit when you have finished reviewing all of the assigned work

Image Added

Successfully submitted work will now show Complete under Assess

  • Some criteria windows will display a scroll bar indicating some information is hidden on the screen. If this occurs the window can be expanded by dragging the window to the left. This will move the window below the submission in the centre screen
  • In order for work to be considered completed, step 7 needs to be performed. This confirms that all reviews have been submitted.

titleView Feedback

Once the Assess phase has closed feedback will be available to each participating student. It can be viewed  as follows: