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This wiki was created to keep Physical Plant Services and Residences staff up-to-date on the progress of the Facilities Management Software project. This wiki is public and does not require any sign on details; as such, it is also open to anyone in the Queen's Community who is interested in the project. This wiki will be updated on a regular basis. Details regarding the training format and schedule will also be posted to this wiki as soon as they become available.

What is the Facilities Management Software Project?

Physical Plant Services (PPS) and Residences are partnering on a project to replace our current Facilities Management Application (Maximo) with a new software called Archibus.  In 2014, Campus Planning implemented the Archibus Space Management module, the current project will expand the University's usage of Archibus by implementing the Maintenance Management module.

This project gives PPS and Residences an opportunity to review and improve our current business processes, reduce our dependency on inefficient paper-based processes, and improve our customer service. The project started on September 13 and is currently on track to meet its August 22, 2016 go-live date! A project timeline is available on this wiki.

A project team, including members from PPS, Residences, the Project Portfolio Office (ITS), and BRG (our implementation partner), has been formed to implement the software.

For more details regarding the project, please read John Witjes' article, published in the December 2015 PPS Newsletter.

Please consult the PPS website and this wiki for updates regarding the progress of the project.

What's in it for me?

Physical Plant Services

  • FIXIT will no longer need to print work requests and send them to the Area Shops via campus mail
  • Trades will retrieve work requests from a mobile device wherever they are on campus
  • Trades will enter all job details (parts used, time required to complete the work, and comments for future reference) in Archibus using their mobile device
  • Archibus will maintain inventory stock count - each part will have a minimum and a standard order amount required within the inventory
  • Trades will have the ability to select parts required for a job in Archibus through their mobile device. If the required part is not currently in stock, the Stores will issue a purchase order to procure the part, decreasing the amount of time a job is pending due to a missing part
  • Vendors responsible for vendor managed inventory will have limited access to reports in Archibus for restocking purposes
  • All Housing and Ancillary Services staff (including kitchen managerial staff) will have the ability to enter work requests and track the status of their requests directly in Archibus
  • Custodial and maintenance staff will receive work orders electronically through a mobile device (one device available in each building) and computers in the custodial break rooms
  • Work requests will be sent to PPS as soon as they are approved by Facilities Control Centre (FCC) staff as opposed to sitting in the queue waiting to be sent through daily report
  • FCC will have the ability to track and maintain residences' inventory 

Project Updates


Key Accomplishments

Apr 2016
  • User Acceptance Testing for phase 1 (Demand Maintenance & Preventative
    Maintenance Work Requests) starts on April 14

Mar 2016

  • Project team investigates mobile device options

Feb 2016 

  • PPS and Residences signoff on Solution Design Documents*

Jan 2016 

  • Vendor submits Solution Design Document* to project team

Oct/Dec 2015             

  • Business Analyst performs internal review of Residences and PPS requirements

Oct 2015 

  • Vendor meets with PPS & Residences to review business requirements

*Solution Design Document is a detailed report that describes how the software will be configured and customized to meet the business requirements of the client, what activities will be required to meet the requirements and when each activity will be completed to meet the end date of the implementation.

Facilities Management in the News! 

Revamp coming for maintenance management system, Queen's Gazette, Wednesday, April 6, 2016

PPS welcomes feedback on services, Queen's Gazette, Friday, April 1, 2016

Facilities Management Project Update, PPS Newsletter, March 2016

Queen's to implement new Facilities Management System, PPS, Newsletter, December 2015

PPS listening to feedback, Queen's Gazette, Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Questions, Feedback or Comments?

PPS staff should contact FIXIT if they have any questions or comments regarding this project. You can reach FIXIT by phone at extension: 77301, or by email at: 

Residences staff should contact the Facilities Control Centre with any questions or concerns. The Facilities Control Centre can be reached at: 



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