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On their account, Students will see a live timer that counts down to when their exam starts. At the time of their exam, the timer changes into a button which the students clicks in order to begin the exam. Once the student clicks this button, they will be connected via webcam and microphone to the ProctorU proctors.

When video image and sound are stabilized, proctors ask students to show their ID in front of the webcam. This is to make sure the person writing the exam is indeed the student.  Proctors then ask students to take their webcam and do a pan of the room as well as the desk they will be using. If the exam is closed-book, proctors will ask the students to clear their desks before the exam can begin. Proctors are able to see the student’s desktop monitor through their platform and can ensure students do not access the internet (Google, course website etc.) during the exam.

Students will be prompted by their proctor to complete an authentication quiz to further verify their identity. They are then directed to their school’s website where they log in to take the test. ProctorU continues to monitor the student’s room, screen, eye movements, etc., throughout the exam.