In some courses students can see the postings of other groups but can only post to the group to which they are assigned and in some cases students are assigned to more than one group.  If you are unable to locate your post in a discussion forum, first make sure the group you are assigned to is selected in the dropdown menu in the forum.

If available, there will be a dropdown menu located at the top of the page, labelled either Visible of Separate groups, select the group that you were in when you made your post.

You can also view all of the posts you made in Moodle through My profile :

  • click on your name in the top right hand corner
  • under Navigation on the left sidebar expand the Forums by clicking on the triangle (A)
  • Click on either Posts or Discussions (B)

Posts list every post that you have made in every course in Moodle. Discussions list the threads that you have started in every course.