We encourage you to view but NOT DOWNLOAD other students’ posters without their permission.

Step 1

Click on ‘Upload your poster to this link’ in the ‘Poster Gallery’ sub-module in onQ.     

Step 2
This link will take you to a login page. Key in your Queen’s email and press enter.

Step 3
Once you are at the Queen's Sign-on page, enter your NetID and Password

Step 3
You are now in the OneDrive folder where you will upload a .PDF (image) of your poster with the following naming convention: Lastname-Firstname-2019

Step 4

To upload your poster, simply drag and drop the file into the browser window OR click on Upload (see image below), select the file you wish to upload and then select open.

Your Poster (image file) is now uploaded to the Gallery for viewing.

If you are not able to preview the Poster images, and only see a list of files, please click on the Gallery view in the top right hand corner (see image below).





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