Allow Re-Submission

If the activity is configured such that submissions can't be updated, you may receive requests to allow a student to resubmit. This is done by deleting the submission. If late submissions are enabled, students can resubmit:

  1. On the PeerMark Submissions page, select the 3 dots to the right of the student whose submission needs to be updated
  2. Choose Download and save a local copy of the original submission in case any issues arise
  3. Select the 3 dots again and choose Delete. Follow the prompts and delete the submission
  4. Let the student know that they can access the activity and re-submit their work

Please take note of how re-submitting work effects reviewing depending on the stage of the activity:

  • Review phase has not opened - there will be no effect
  • Review phase has opened and the submitter has written reviews - The submitter will not be able to access the reviews until they re-submit.
  • Submitter wrote reviews and feedback was written about the work that was replaced - Since the new submission is re-allocated into the activity. This means that any feedback the student received about their original submission will be removed from their list. The student who wrote reviews about the old submission will still see it in their list of completed reviews; completed reviews will not be deleted. If reviews have already been made it currently isn't possible to completely remove the original submission.

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