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 Grading Reviews
  1. Login to Aropa. TAs and Instructor can access Aropa from the course, the same way students access it.
  2. In the Aropa activity, choose Impersonate other user from the menu on the left.
  3. On the Impersonate page, type in GPHY_marker and choose Impersonate.
  4. As a Marker, choose the assignment you have been instructed to grade (it might be your own group or another TA's)
  5. Under Your reviewing allocations, Reviews written by students in your TA group will be listed. They will be listed in the format reviewer NetID / Submitter NetID. When ready, choose View submission, to view the review. You can download the submission the review was written about at the bottom of the page. Once reviewed, choose Back.
  6. Choose Write your review and to begin grading.

  7. At the top of the page, choose the radio button that best describes the review. Select the radio button under the Applies column to quickly choose a sentence that describes the review. More feedback can be entered in the textbox if needed. Choose Save when finished.

    If all of the radio buttons haven’t been selected Aropa might display a warning message about the review being incomplete. The message can be dismissed as the grades will still be saved and available to students. All of the radio buttons on the grading sheet do not need to be selected.

    Grading will be done using a generic marker account. For this reason it's recommended that you enter your initials in the textbox to identify who marked the review.

  8. Confirm your changes by clicking Finished
  9. Repeat steps 5-8 for the remaining reviews
 Address Student Questions Regarding TA Feedback

On occasion you will receive an inquiry from as student regarding the TA assessment on their reviews. The following method is recommended for viewing the feedback/reassessing

  1. Login to Aropa. TAs and Instructor can access Aropa from the course, the same way students access it.
  2. In the Aropa activity, choose Impersonate other user from the menu on the left.
  3. On the Impersonate page, type in GPHY_marker and choose Impersonate.
  4. Choose the course associated to the TA group the student is enrolled in
  5. Click on the Reviewer Marking assignment associated to the activity in question (e.g. either the poster peer review or the thesis statement peer review)
  6. Search the student's NetID by pressing CTRL + F (or COMMAND + F on a Mac) and typing in their NetID. The NetID of the reviewer will be on the left of the slash.
  7. The review can be viewed by choosing View Submission. The rubric filled out by the TA can be viewed and modified by selecting the associated Complete your review (or modify your review) button.

    Please note that identifying information is available when the marker account is being used. For this reason it's recommended that the grades not be reviewed live with a student.

 Grading Final Submissions

Final submissions will be uploaded to an Assignment in onQ. Please see the course for more information on accessing the final submissions.

Activity Administration

When the Submission and Review phases are active, viewing the front page of the activity will display live statistics of submitted and reviewed work.

 View Submissions

After the submission phase has started submissions can be viewed by choosing Monitor submissions on the left. This will display the NetIDs of the students who submitted as well as the work they submitted. Non submitters will be listed at the bottom of the page.

In some cases it might be necessary or recommended to send a reminder to the students who haven't submitted to the activity yet. Student email addresses can be generated from Aropa by doing the following:

  • Copy the NetIDs to the right of Yet to submit:
  • Open up Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (MacOS) and paste the NetIDs into the empty document
  • Find and replace , with; . This extension might need to be manually added to the last NetID
  • Paste the email addresses into the BCC field in Outlook. Using the BCC field will allow a generic message to be sent to each student without displaying all of the email addresses in the message
 Monitor Reviews

After the Review Phase has opened, TAs and the Instructor will have access to the Monitor Reviews button on the left of the Assignment Administration page. The leftmost column lists the NetID of the Reviewer while the two rightmost columns list the NetIDs of the authors whose work was allocated to the reviewer.

The order can be changed to view the Author and associated reviewers by clicking on the View by author button at the top of the page.

Aropa codes the status of the reviews in the rightmost columns as follows:

  • Unbolded NetID (e.g. qu2202211) indicates that the review hasn't been started
  • Bolded NetID (e.g. qu2202211) indicates that the allocated work has been viewed but a review has not been started
  • Bolded NetID with a plus symbol (e.g. qu2202211+) indicates that the review has been saved but is incomplete.
  • Bolded NetID with a check mark symbol (e.g. qu2202211) indicates that the review is complete
  • Bolded NetID with a check mark  symbol and an asterix (e.g. qu2202211*) indicates that the review is complete and the author being reviewed has viewed the feedback

 Granting Extensions
In some cases, a student might have an Accommodation or Academic Consideration which will permit them more time to complete the activity. Alternate deadlines can be chosen by granting an extension to the student in Aropa.
  1. In the assignment, choose Manage Extensions from the left
  2. On the Manage Extensions page, type in the NetID of the student you wish to grant the extension for.

    If you don't know the Student's NetID, their name can be searched in the GPHY 101 Student Roster Spreadsheet.

  3. Select an alternate date for the submission, the review, or both and choose Save changes

Extensions can be granted for the submission phase or review phase or both. The date field can be left blank for the phase that does not require an extension. The Date granted field is automatically populated when the extension is granted.

 Check Your Grading Progress

In some cases it is beneficial to check the overall progress of grading in your activity. This can be done by monitoring the marking:

  1. As an instructor, choose View review marking from the left-hand menu
  2. In the Reviewer Marking Assignment, choose Monitor Marking
  3. The progress of your marking account will be listed. The grading progress follows the same convention as those outlined in the Monitor Reviews section

Please note that the majority of the reviews will likely be bolded and contain the plus sign to indicate that it is incomplete. Due to the nature of how the grading rubric is structured it is appropriate to leave these reviews as incomplete. This will not impact how students view the feedback.


Please note that the Arts and Science Online supports Aropa. If you would prefer that troubleshooting be done by ASO, please send or forward the message to

 Student Can't View Feedback

There are numerous circumstances that can affect why the student is not viewing their feedback. The below troubleshooting steps can be followed to help resolve the issue:

  1. Peer Feedback VS TA Feedback
    • Peer Feedback and TA Feedback are displayed in two different locations in Aropa. Peer Feedback will be available after the review phase in the main assignment while TA feedback will be available in the Review Marking assignment. If it isn't already known the student should be asked about what feedback they can't view.
  2. Unable to View Peer Feedback
    1. Student's won't be able to view feedback until after the reviewing phase has ended. If the phase is still active, ask the student to wait until reviewing has ended.
    2. If the student reported the issue just after reviewing has ended, ask that they close their browser and try logging back in to Aropa
    3. Check the progress of the student reviews (See Monitor Reviews section). Aropa has been configured to only display feedback if one or more reviews has been completed. If the student didn't complete a review they will not be able to view feedback.
    4. Double check with the student to ensure they are not viewing the Review Marking assignment
    5. If none of the above steps resolved the issue, please request that they contact
  3. Unable to View TA Feedback
    1. Aropa requires an arbitrary deadline for when feedback should be displayed. It is usually set as a week after reviewing has ended. If this inquiry falls within this time frame the student might need to wait until after the week has elapsed.
    2. Similar to Peer Reviews, if this inquiry was submitted just after the week deadline, they might need to log out and log back in to Aropa
    3. Double check with the student to ensure they are not viewing the main assignment
    4. Check the grading progress to ensure feedback has been written for this student's review.
    5. If none of the above steps resolved the issue, please request that they contact

 Impersonate a User

If you are an instructor in Aropa, you have the ability to impersonate any of your students in the activity. This might allow you to see any issues the student is reporting.

  1. From the left menu, choose Impersonate other user
  2. Type in  the NetID of the student you want to impersonate and choose Impersonate other user

    You can revert to your Instructor account by choosing REVERT at the top of the page

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