Steps for Accessing the Document

Tutorial Document links will be placed in the chat before breakout rooms start. Please follow the steps below after you have been placed in your breakout room. Note the breakout room number you are in as this will be needed for accessing the correct Tutorial Document.

  1. Click on the link in the meeting chat. You might need to scroll up through the chat to find the link.

    In some cases you might be prompted to login before the page can be accessed. Please login with your username and password.

  2. Click on the document associated with your breakout room. You might need to expand the Name column in order to view the breakout room number in the document.
  3. Type in your name under Tutorial Group Member Names and begin collaborating. You should see the initials of your group members as you work on the document together.

    Although it is possible to edit within the Word app, we recommend that you edit in the browser because it shares your edits faster than the app.

Download and Submit the Document

At the end of the session one of the group members needs to download and submit the document to onQ on the group's behalf. Although one student submits on behalf of the group, all students should download a copy of a worksheet for their records (Steps 1 and 2). Please follow all of the steps if you have been delegated to upload the group's work.  

  1. Ensure everyone in the group has finished working in the document
  2. Choose File > Save As > Download a Copy from the upper-left of the document. Choose Download a Copy again and save the file to your computer
  3. Navigate to your course's Zoom page and select the tutorial work link associated with the session you attended
  4. Upload the newly saved document to the Session Dropbox


The Meeting Chat window should be open by default. If you don't see your chat window, select the chat icon from the bottom ribbon in Zoom.

If you receive an error message about not having permission to access the document, there is a good chance your browser is logged in to a personal Microsoft account and not a Queen's account. Opening the link in a private browser window usually resolves the issue:

  1. Return to Zoom and copy the link from the chat window
  2. Open a private tab in your browser
  3. Paste the link into the address bar and navigate to the document
  4. If prompted, login with your username and Queen's password.

If you don't see any group members in the tutorial document or the group members in the document are completely different than those in your breakout room, there is a good chance the wrong document was opened.

  1. Close out the document tab
  2. Return to Zoom and follow the steps outlined in the Steps for Accessing the Document section.

If you don't see a link in your Zoom chat, ask your group members if they can paste the link back in the chat. If everyone in the group doesn't have access to the link you will need to contact the TA. This can be done by clicking on the Ask for Help button at the bottom of the Zoom Ribbon while you are in the breakout room.

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