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Migration Process & Timeline

The student email migration is scheduled to take place on Saturday, January 26, 2013. The process will begin overnight (12:01 a.m.) and as soon as it does, there will be an interval of service disruption where migrating account holders will have no access to their Queen's email. This outage is expected to last no longer than 12 hours, but for many will be shorter depending on where they are in the queue of 45,000 accounts that are being migrated.

During the migration process, users will be able to access a tool called "Tell Me About My Queen's Email". This will let them know if their account is scheduled to be migrated, in transition, or finished migrating. It will also provide information such as the URL for the new web interface and how to get help and support.

When the outage period is over, users will be able to log in to their Queen's email using the new Office 365 web interface at Users will continue to access their mail using their Queen's NetID and password.

The transition will include the migration of archived (current) email to the new system. As soon as users are able to log in to the Office 365 email and calendar web interface, they will be able to successfully send and receive new mail and see their archived mail. However, there may be a delay of several days before 100% of archived mail will be fully migrated into the new system.

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